I know this is a weird time to be making celebratory announcements, so I’ll keep it brief:

FLYTRAP, Book #3 of the Harrietta Lee series, is now available for preorder on Amazon for $4.99.

Preorder link:


Harrietta Lee’s demons have come back to haunt her. Two demons, to be exact: one who tried to buy her ex-girlfriend’s soul, and another who invaded her dreams for six months. To make matters worse, Harry’s falling in love.
Shit’s about to get deeply, deeply personal.

Release date is currently set to June 1st, 2020; that’s to give myself some wiggle room, but my goal is to publish in May. The price is $4.99, same as BLOODBATH, hopefully not too burdensome.

Huge thanks to my co-illustrator and illustrious girlfriend, Ink Black (Twitter@Inkworx_Design), for pushing me as hard as she did to make the best cover possible. And thank you so much to my editor, who is a Bear, for giving me direction when I desperately needed it (

I wish everyone their health, safety, and happiness. You all deserve better; do whatever you need to survive.

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