HARRIETTA LEE: FLYTRAP will be out MAY 14th, 2020!

Exactly what the title says! I’ve officially set the release date of FLYTRAP to Thursday, May 14th, which is less than a week from today. If you haven’t preordered on Amazon already, now’s a great time!


(The eBook will be made available in stores other than Amazon on the release date; if you don’t use Amazon/Kindle, you can still get the book at the same time as everyone else)

I’m also finishing up the paperback files, so hopefully that’ll also be out by the end of May. *crossing fingers*

Though I’m releasing this book in May, it actually takes place in December, so it’s a bit of a Christmas-in-July deal… in that spirit, here’s some sketches of prominent characters in ugly Christmas sweaters:

I wish everyone their health, safety, and happiness. You all deserve better; do whatever you need to survive.

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