New Patreon and FLYTRAP Tentative Release Date

Hello hello hello, it’s Stephanie Ahn! You know, the independent author of Harrietta Lee whose newsletter you signed up to and probably forgot about ages ago? It’s been a while since we’ve spoken, so here’s what’s going on:

New Patreon

I’ve made a Patreon for short-form erotica; if you’ve read my books, which, I assume is why you’re following this newsletter, you know that there’s quite a lot of kinky sexytimes in them. Well, everything on the Patreon is sexytimes! So if you want that content distilled and shot straight into your eyeballs, mosey on over to and subscribe for just $1 a month! There are currently 4 pieces up ranging from 1,000 to 4,500 words, and more on the way.

If you want a free sample of that content before you commit to a paid pledge, I have original smut on Archive of Our Own over at as well. I’ve been using short erotica to flex my writing muscles in between books, so I dare say that as my books get better, so does my kink content 😉

FLYTRAP Release Date

If you follow me on Twitter you may have already heard this, but FLYTRAP, Book #3 of the Harrietta Lee series, is going to be somewhat of a Christmas tale. So, I think it would be fitting to release it by November of 2020, a year from now! That’s the current plan, anyway; I’m almost finished with the first draft, which I’ll then have looked over by beta readers/critique partners, then the second draft, which will go to my editor, then my third draft, which will also go to my editor–the point is, I’m reaching the end of Stage 1, so I’m a little more confident in announcing a schedule than I was when BLOODBATH came out.

Social Media

As usual, you can find my author Twitter at, where I post coffee-fueled updates on my writing progress and the occasional series art (which also goes up on the gallery of this site, at

I also have an 18+, NSFW Twitter account at, which is where I talk more openly about my Patreon content and also post explicit art.

Oh wait, shit, I almost forgot–

Amazon Paperbacks

Currently, both DEADLINE and BLOODBATH are available as physical paperbacks at Amazon ( This is, unfortunately, not quite a celebratory announcement. Ever since it came out that Amazon has highly fucking racist and unethical contracts with ICE, I’ve felt that, despite how big and unavoidable Amazon is as a distributor for self-published authors, I would prefer to avoid making my products exclusively available on that site. Therefore, I’m currently working to reformat both books to distribute them through Ingram Spark, a different platform for self-publishing paperback books. I’m just an individual college student self-imposing deadlines and goals, so this may take a while–but I wanted to be frank with my intentions.

Alright, that’s it! Happy reading, everyone! It’s winter, so wear moisturizer, bundle up, and get as much hot chocolate as you need to combat seasonal depression!

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