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Stephanie Ahn is a newly debuted author and full-time college student who tends to write about young-ish adults just trying to get by in life. Wonder where she got that idea?

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Whether you're a new up-and-coming artist or a veteran artist, one thing I want you ALL to do this year is figure out realistic timelines for your work. You can use this template to help guide you: http://www.creatorresource.com/standard-timeline-template-for-artists-in-comics/

My toddler, pretending to be Ariel in the bath: I used to have a boyfriend named Eric but he wasn't good at swimming so he left.

Me: oh no!

T: I was very sad

T: but if he comes back I'll say go away, Eric

T: I can't go down that road again

This is the truth about Dreamspinner Press. This is the story about how they have lied, covered up and stolen an untold sum of money from hundreds of creators. Please read and share. It's the first time we've been listened to.


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