Stephanie Ahn is a newly debuted author and full-time college student who tends to write about young-ish adults just trying to get by in life. Wonder where she got that idea?

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Please help 2 trans disabled people with our rent.

My husband has been sick & I'm mostly bed-bound & we're $650 short on our rent.

Any little bit helps, even retweets.

My ppal is LAKnight89 (link below)


This whole thread but ESPECIALLY THIS. I told Ben that we have a really hard time trusting journalists, because they expect us to perform/disclose trauma of a certain degree on command so they can get a scoop, and then dip. And then he did that exact thing.

In order to write fairly and accurately about sexual misconduct, journalists need to earn the trust of survivors. Doing so takes time and effort. When writers churn out β€œquick hit” pieces seeking to exonerate a subject without doing the full reporting, there are no winners. 16/x

For readers, here’s a red flag (for this article and for the future). If none of the people who have publicly made accusations are willing to speak with a reporter, it likely means that reporter hasn’t earned their trust β€” and shouldn’t earn yours either. 17/17

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