Stephanie Ahn is a newly debuted author and full-time college student who tends to write about young-ish adults just trying to get by in life. Wonder where she got that idea?

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Keanu Reeves & Carl Marotte for their promotional photos in "WolfBoy", 1984
The theatrical play was about two boys in a mental institution, one of whom believes he is a werewolf and becomes sucked into a relationship with him. Because of its homoeroticism feel, it became a cult…

Good morning, a criminal who I will not name but whose name rhymes with “bunion” managed to pry open a box of key lime tea cookies and licked the powdered sugar off every single one

Re: the discourse over an old sitcom–and this is a little removed from the show itself–but it's weird to me that we've pretty much normalized thinking of the things we watch and read as *the* means of expressing of our values.

It's sort of infantilizing? And it seems to presume that we'll all parrot whatever we consume without a thought, that we can't look at things through a prism of our own developed values to position ourselves in time and place.

I didn't particularly like Friends, but I'm confident that I could watch it again and find things to enjoy while understanding there are parts that absolutely hurt or alienate me or other people. We're not a bunch of Tinkerbells; we can feel more than one thing at once.

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