BLOODBATH and FLYTRAP (Harrietta Lee #2 an #3) are out as paperbacks!

BLOODBATH (Harrietta Lee #2)

It’s the return of your favorite disaster lesbian witch, this time following a rash of kidnappings across New York–and dealing with the (not unwelcome) repercussions of a hasty demon deal along the way…

FLYTRAP (Harrietta Lee #3)

Trouble comes in threes, especially for disgraced witch Harry Lee. One, a cannibalistic nemesis in her dreams. Two, the demon who cost her an ex-girlfriend.

Three… a love interest who reminds her of home.

Paperbacks are currently only available through Amazon; I’m working to fix that, but am not sure how long it’ll take.

In the meantime, I wish everyone their health and safety. May you steal whatever scraps of happiness you can, for as long as you can, as remorselessly as you can.

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