Happy Birthday to Book #2 of the HARRIETTA LEE series!!!


Harrietta Lee has a friend who can see the future, and she’s just gone missing.
She’s not the only one. There are too many disappearances to count, and Harry can’t be everywhere at once–which is why she’s enlisting the help of a fumbling, fedora-clad detective, a programmer who moonlights as a DJ, and your friendly neighborhood demon, Lilith.
Well, “help” is a relative term…

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RHJ4RV2

Universal Book Link: https://books2read.com/harrietta-lee-bloodbath

BLOODBATH is currently available on Amazon and in the process of being published through Kobo, Barnes & Nobles, iBooks, Tolino, and Scribd; those links will pop up within the Universal Book Link above, most likely in the next week.

I keep trying to think of some sappy, emotional thing to write about how much late-night sweat went into writing this book, or how it has twice the cool content of Book #1, or how tired I am now that it’s finally out–but all I can really say is, I hope y’all enjoy. <3

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