FIRST AUTHOR’S POST! AKA What’s Going to Be Happening on This Site

Hello all! This is Stephanie Ahn, welcoming you to the beginning of this blog! I’m still figuring out how exactly I’m going to use this space, so please, fix yourself a nice beverage or a snack, take a seat, and bear with me.


Updates regarding the Harrietta Lee series will definitely go here–speaking of which, the second book, BLOODBATH, is in the editing stage! I’ve set the publishing deadline for May of 2019; that way there’s only a delay of a year or less between the first and second books. A back-cover blurb and Preview of Chapter 1 have been posted as well.


I will make an “Other Works” section on this site to post original works currently hosted on Archive of Our Own . A lot of that stuff is sexual in nature, so I double-triple-promise to put big, bold NSFW warnings in the titles of those uploaded works. Other than smut material, I’ll be posting snippets of other projects I work on to take breaks from Harrietta Lee, such as a currently-unnamed space opera romance.
Along with the extra writing, you’ll get to see extra art! I did a lot of doodling to solidify the concepts that eventually became the Harrietta Lee series, and I also do my own cover art (alongside my lovely co-artist and website manager, Sarah). Those will go up in a separate gallery section.


Thank you so much to everyone who’s signed up for my newsletter, it means the world to know that there are actually people waiting in anticipation for Harrietta Lee: Bloodbath! If you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an automated email whenever there’s a new page or blog post created on this site. Those emails will pop up more often when Sarah and I start adding the above-mentioned features.


I’m most active on Twitter , but more of my older content can be found on Tumblr . If you need to reach me for  reason, you can email me at: or use the link at the top of the website.


Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the blog post! Here’s a painting of the lovely Lilith to thank you for your time!



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